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Having a wonderful time in Austin, Tx.

I never want to go back home. Ever.

Yesterday I seriously had the best day with the worst ending.

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So I’m pumping the keg all cool
and next thing I know a cop walks in the door right next to me.
So I turn right around with my cup and pretend I’m looking for the cokes

lmao. 6 months till I’m good and legal ;) 

I hate being sick.

Blehhhhh. I always always always get sick. I really need to buy some Vitamins from work because my body is obviously in lack of something.
Went to school from 10am-4 and worked from 5-10:30.
My body is forcing me to call it a day.


Currently burning an Island Colada candle from Bath & Body works. It smells like heaven in here omg.

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As silly as it may seem, I guess one of my new years resolutions was to write more personal posts. lol, I know it’s lame but I’m just tired of only having meaningless pictures on here. It should be more personal; my outlet. I’ve never really been one to write personal stuff on the internet. Part of me thinks it’s awkward and pointless but it really does help to talk about your life every once in a while, even if no one bothers to read.

Might as well start tonight. 

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Fact about my sex life.

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